The concept, technology and formal language of every project we undertake is not simply an exercise in design. It is also the result of a dialogue, a dialogue with the client we are seeking to serve, as well as with the cultural and physical environment we work within.

Although architecture that disregards historical context often has a certain shock value, it can also result in dissonance. Such grand gestures, while momentarily enticing, tend to get crystalized in the moment. If one seeks instead an approach that is grounded in history with a firm sense of place, the architecture that ensues will survive the singularity of its moment.

Our goal is to reach that balance between a client's specific needs and desires and the direction this cultural flow dictates. The solutions we value are those that resonate with the surrounding environment and that are flexible enough to withstand evolving lifestyles and esthetics, just as it is with the countless older, sometimes ancient structures we comfortably live and work in today.

We believe that each assignment has an ideally correct approach, and while different solutions may present themselves, in the end, one approach will always be superior to all others. As architects, we try continually to honor the past while keeping a keen eye on the future. That for us is responsible architecture.

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